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I hope the commuter rail line from downtown Minneapolis is completed to St. Cloud as soon as possible. I predict it will be a smashing success upon completion.

david rhude   Minneapolis


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As chairman of the Lake Wobegon Trail Association I want to welcome you to our upgraded website and to the trail itself. Garison Keilor made our part of Minnesota famous with his stories of Lake Wobegon and the unique people and surrounding communities where the women are all strong, the men are good looking and the children are above average. That's all pretty much true. We also believe we have an above average trail experience with our colleges, churches and cows. This summer Garrison will be coming back to the trail to dedicate the completion of the Forgotten Four Miles of the trail. With the connection to the Central Lakes Trail we'll have one of the longest paved trails in the nation. We're also looking forward to the completion of the new covered bridge in Holdingford. This part of the trail now connects with the new Soo Line Trail to Royalton. We also want to welcome you to our annual Caramel Roll Ride with its free rolls baked locally by local people in local restaurants. Our researches have discovered you burn 360 calories when you bike 10 miles. A caramel roll also has 360 calories. So you can eat five caramel rolls if you bike the entire 50 miles of the Caramel Roll Ride.


-Dave Simpkins



Sitting here at my desk in Saint Peter, snow coming down outside... planning my summer biking adventures on the Net. WOW! Lake Wobegon trail looks like a lot of fun. I'm putting it on the top of my list for 2007. Maybe even ride from Fergus to St Joseph. 




Hey, I wanna say a special "thank you" to the hard work the people in the Lake Wobegon trail area did to get the trail started. You did a good thing, and generations after you will be so glad you built the trail. Kudos! :-)





My dog Chase and I love walking the trail everyday, its like our little vacation away when we are out there seeing pheasants, deer and other creatures.






My wife and I spent the day yesterday exploring the Lake Wobegon Trail on our tandem bike. This was our first visit and we thoroughly enjoyed the trail and highly recommend it. The trail is in excellent condition and the towns along the way have excellent rest areas. The scenery is mostly rolling plains, large farms, lakes, trees, and a few stretches adjacent to the interstate highway. Overall a very pleasant ride. One of the best places we've found to ride in Minnesota!







Don't forget that you can now go from Holdingford through Bowlus across the Blanchard dam all the way to highway 10 via the Soo Line Trail ! The Holdingford-Bowlus section is my personal favorite because it goes through some spectacular wetlands and by a wildlife refuge. The other day I saw what may have been a timberwolf just a couple of miles outside of Bowlus. Come check it out ! 

- Jan



I enjoy the Caramel Roll bike ride. It is nice ride to Holding ford and back. There is always something to see in the spring to the year. I enjoy seeing the bird, and other bike riders on the trail. The snacks are great. Hope you well have this ride again. the Caramel Roll bike ride is also close so I do not have to travel that far. 



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