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Enjoy three rides this year  on the Lake Wobegon Trail sponsored by the Lake Wobegon Trail Association!

2nd Saturday in June .... 2014 Caramel Roll Ride 
Saturday June 14th 2014 

3rd Saturday in June ... 2014 Lady Slipper Nature Ride
Saturday June 21st 2014

1st Saturday in September ... 2014 Caramel Apple Ride
Saturday September 6th 2014

Come join us on the Lake Wobegon Trail for an exciting and fun time on the trail!  Bring your family and friends and spend a weekend in Lake Wobegon Trail Country!   

Relax and enjoy a sweet roll on a sweet trail! 

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Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon

Caramel Roll Ride

Online Registration

Lady Slipper Nature Ride

Online Registration

Caramel Apple Ride

Online Registration

What: 14th Annual Caramel Roll Ride
When: 2nd Weekend in June --- Saturday June 8th, 2013 --- starts at 8am to about 2pm
Where: Starts at the Albany MN Trailhead


Early Registration through Sun May 26th
*** $20 Age 16 and above *** $10 Age 7 through 15 *** Free Age 6 and under
Registration after Sun May 26th
*** $25 Age 16 and above *** $10 Age 7 through 15 *** Free Age 6 and under

NOTE:  We have changed the price for children age 7-15 to $10 for both early and late registrations.  Our goal is to encourage more families to get out and enjoy this fun activity with their children!

Details: This is our annual “Beginning of Summer” ride on the trail. We’ll have the usual three options for riders; east to Avon, Collegeville & St Joe, west to Freeport and Melrose, and of course north to Holdingford and the covered bridge, then on the Soo Line Trail to Bowlus and Blanchard Dam on the Mighty Mississippi River. As always the best Caramel Rolls you can find anywhere will be available at all the rest stops along the way!

Registration begins March 1st 2013  We are again using the Holdingford School System's Communitiy Education registration website.  You can go to the schools website and follow the links to the Community Education webpage or click on the link below.  If you registered online last year you can  use the same user ID and Password to register.

Click here to register online!

Click here for Mail-in Registration Form

Click here for Ride Map & Summary



What: 2nd Annual Lady Slipper Nature Ride
When: 3rd Weekend in June --- Saturday June 15th, 2013 --- 8am to about noon.
Where: Starts at Avon MN Trailhead as part of Avon’s Spunktacular Days.


Early Registration through Sun Jun 2nd
**** $15 Age 16 and above *** $10 Age 7 through 15 *** Free Age 6 and under
Registration After Sun Jun 2nd
*** $20 Age 16 and above *** $10 Age 7 through 15 *** Free Age 6 and under

    Registration begins March 1st, 2013

Details: This liesurely tour will include seeing our Minnesota State Flower the Pink and White Showy Lady Slipper in full bloom and riders will have the opportunity to visit the St John’s University Arboretum including the Stickwork Sculpture completed by artist Patrick Dougherty and many students and volunteers from area in September of 2012. We plan to have MN Master Naturalists on site both on the Lake Wobegon Trail and at the Arboretum to help explain the biological and natural beauty found in the Avon Hills Area. This will be the second year for this ride and hopefully another reason for people to come visit Lake Wobegon trail Country. This will be a much shorter ride than the Caramel Roll Ride and is planned for about 6-20 miles round trip… of course you can always ride a longer route if you like. We’ll have rest stops at Albany, Avon, Collegevile Station and at the Arboretum on the Prairie near the Stickwork Sculpture. The focus is on “liesurely” and enjoying the natural beauty of the area not just getting to the next caramel roll!

What: 2nd Annual 2013 Caramel Apple Ride
When: 1st Weekend in October --- Saturday October 5th, 2013 --- 8am to about 1pm
Where: Sauk Centre Trailhead at Sinclair Lewis Park at 1000 Park Drive, Sauk Centre MN


Early Registration through Sun Sep 22nd, 2013
*** $15 Age 16 and above *** $10 Age 7 through 15 *** Free Age 6 and under
registration after Sun Sep 22nd, 2013
*** $20 Age 16 and above *** $10 Age 7 through 15 *** Free Age 6 and under

    Registration begins July 1st, 2013

Details: This will be the second year for this ride that we hope will become an annual “must do” event. All of the rest stops will have apple based foods for our riders to enjoy including caramel apples! We may even have a winery or an orchard or two that may be included on this ride… stay tuned for more information on this later in the year. This ride starts in Melrose and riders can ride to Freeport or Sauk Centre to enjoy fall colors and autum events along the trail including a mini Octoberfest in Freeport.

Previous Rides Information

2012 CRR Anchor


2012 Caramel Roll Ride Summary

2012 was another successful year for the Caramel Roll Ride!  Unfortunately we did have about 60 less riders... this year.   The weather was really not a factor but I think had some issues with our change in registration systems and that may have confused and frustrated some people who tried to register.  The change was very beneficial administratively but we will continue to monitor the process and make changes as needed. If you know of a great registration system that is economical and efficient please let me know what it is and we will check it out. 


The ride itself was great we had a total of 331 riders this year.


 2011CRR Anchor


2011 Caramel Roll Ride Summary

The 2011 Caramel Roll Ride was a huge success!  We had the largest number of riders ever at 374 riders.  We had 232 who pre-registered and 142 riders who registered at the event.   People came from 122 different  communities inlcuding 25 people from 15 communities in 6 states other than Minnesota.  15% of our riders came from our trail communities, 36% came from central Minnesota communities not on the trails, another 20% came for the twin cities metro and 27% came from the rest of Greater Minnesota along with the 4% from out of state.  Not bad for our little Carmel Roll Ride!

Thank you to everyone who pre-registered... we really appreciate these pre-registration which help us make sure we have enough funds to support the event and our Lake Wobegon Trail Association activities especially in the event of bad weather. Thanks also to those who chose to show up on the day of the ride ... you provide the "extra" revenue that allows us to take on additional projects.

We were able to generate over $10,000 in revenue and with expenses of just under $4,000 we were able to genrate over $6,000 for the Lake Wobegon Trail Association projects this year.   No one gets paid to put the ride together and we have many many volunteers who help make the ride a success... thank you to everyone who helped again this year! 

We added another $1,000 to our endowment fund ( current balance $4000) which we hope to grow and be able to use only the income generated from investing the funds for projects benefiting the trail.  We willl accept any donations to help grow this fund so if you are willing to help with this effort please contact us at

The balance of the money is used to help pay for the cost of printing maps, advertising the trail in MN Trails magazine, website hosting and maintenance of the website.  We used some money this year for a "Thank You" dinner for our volunteers to show our appreciation for their help with the ride. 

This year we also used the profits to fund the development of the mobile website at which can be accessed using a smart phone to scan the QR codes that will be posted at each trailhead along with a code to check in your location on facebook.  

We also created virtual tours of the trail on our website.  The St Joseph to Osakis tour ( and the Albany to Hyway 10 tour ( which includes the Lake Wobegon Trail to Holdingford and our partner trail, the Soo Line Trail as well. 

We created a "Coffee Table" picture book that we will use to help promote the trail and show our stakeholders at various events what the trail has to offer.  We will be selling copies of the book as well as soon as we find a publisher and can establish a price for the book.  Check it out at and if you would like to be added to the list to receive a copy send us an email at

We are continuing to work on creating an e-commerce store on the website to be able provide products trail users  and supporters might be interested in purchasing.  The items will include t-shirts, caps, coffe mugs, and other items as we grow this aspect of our web presence. We are open to any suggestions you might have for products or store ideas.  Send your ideas to

Again I want to thank all the riders, volunteers, non-profit organizations and trail community businesses who helped make the 2011 Lake Wobegon Trail Caramel Roll Ride possible! 

Happy Trails!

Cliff Borgerding
Lake Wobegon Trail Association
33504 Shorewood Dr
Avon MN 56310



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