Here's a mileage chart showing the miles between the communities located on the Lake Wobegon and Central Lakes Trails. Click here for a printable version of Mileage Chart.


Click here to print Lake Wobegon Trails Map: 

2014 LWT Map 2 pages-page1
2014 LWT Map 2 pages-page2

Please click on the link below for a map of the Caramel Roll Ride

Lake Wobegon Trail Caramel Roll Ride Map.pdf

You can choose to ride any one or all three routes for your ride!  

Western Ride -- from Albany to Freeport (6 miles)   and on to Melrose (6 miles)  The round trip ride is 12 miles.  You have two additional optional off trail rides available on this segment of the ride.  At Freeport you can ride 1.5 miles north out to Hemker Park & Zoo to see the animals!  At Melrose you can ride 5 miles south out to Whispering Oaks Winnery and sample some great award winning wines made from locally grown grapes! 

Northern Ride -- from Albany to Holdingford (10 miles) and on to Bowlus (7 miles) and to Blanchard Dam(4 miles) ending at to Hwy 10 (2 miles).  The round trip ride is 46 miles

Eastern Ride -- from Albany to Avon (6 miles) and on to Collegeville/SJU link (6 miles) ending in St Joe (3 miles).  The round trip ride is 30 miles.

Join us for our annual Lake Wobegon Trail Caramel Roll Ride!   The ride is held the 2nd Saturday in June every year.  Hope to see you there! 

Details for the ride will be posted to the website join us ... for "a sweet roll on a sweet trail."

View the Map PDF

To view the map in PDF format, click here.

If the map fails to load properly, right-click on the link and select Save As.  Once it is saved on your hard drive, it can be fully viewed and printed.

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