I Found Lake Wobegon

The mythical town of Lake Wobegon is rumored to be somewhere along our trail. Can you find it?

Look for this sign while you’re out on the Lake Wobegon Trail this summer and enter to win a choice of a free pass to one of our rides or a free wicking t-shirt with the Lake Wobegon 20-year anniversary logo.

I found Lake Wobegon


Contest rules:

  • Find the Lake Wobegon sign and take a photo with it visible in the background
  • Share the photo on Facebook, like our page and mention Lake Wobegon Trails in your post using the hashtag #IFoundLakeWobegon (Make sure Lake Wobegon Trails is highlighted, or we can’t see it)
  • Do not disclose the secret location of the sign in your post or you will not be entered
  • Contest runs May 11 through September 1
  • You may enter only one time
  • The sign moves to a new secret location on the Lake Wobegon Trail once a month
  • We will draw five winners each month out of all eligible entries
  • Drawings will be held June 5, July 5, August 5, September 5, 2018 and winners will be notified
  • We will announce the winners on our Facebook page (@lakewobegontrails)
  • Prizes: One free pass to either the Caramel Roll Ride (June 5), the Caramel Apple Ride (September 8), or a wicking t-shirt with the Lake Wobegon 20-year anniversary logo for each winner. After the June 5 drawing, only the t-shirt or pass to the Caramel Apple Ride will be available
  • Alternatively, send your photo to lwtevent@gmail.com to be entered